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The Pandora Light v3 is a complete security system, suitable for the protection and remote start of the car. Its remote control has an OLED screen and communication with the central unit is done via an encrypted connection, thus allowing it to be updated and configured securely. Despite the small size of the central unit, it has a powerful 868 MHz antenna for maximum range and is installed in CAN-bus and analog cars

Certified Quality Assurance E-mark, Thatcham and IATF 16949: 2016

Pandora anti-theft systems are designed for ultimate anti-theft protection and are perhaps the only Russian anti-theft system that meets all European Union standards, with CE certification for approved sale, E-Mark for safe installation in European market cars, ensuring the absolute compatibility with the electronics of your car and certification of "FACTORY BRAIN" ISO / TS 16949: 2016 by the IATF. IATF is a team of leading car manufacturers and guarantees high quality, continuous testing and improvement as well as compatibility and protection of the car brains.

Full Protection

PIN Code Immobilizer: Each time before driving, the driver must enter the PIN code (manual identification), otherwise the engine will be locked. Function that prevents the car from being driven, even when the thief holds the car keys. Anti-HiJack function: prevents the vehicle from being seized or stolen. In the event of a violent grab (Hi-Jack) the vehicle will lock the engine while the car owner is at a safe distance from the vehicle.

Two-way communication: Complete control of the alarm by the remote control and notification of a car violation at a distance of up to 1000 meters. Pandora's advanced vibration, motion and lift sensors allow the system to detect various events such as lifting in the event of a stealing attempt and give the appropriate alerts to the owner, even when the engine is in remote start mode. In addition, the OLED screen of the remote control displays a number of telemetry data such as: automatic battery voltage, indoor and outdoor temperature, fuel level *, signal level, clock.

Encrypted communication: The communication of the system is done through automatic switching of multi-channel frequency at 868 MHz, with standard algorithm AES-128 for encrypted communication with the remote control, to ensure the protection of the reading of the communication code from intruders.

Panic Siren: Includes piezoelectric siren specially designed by Pandora engineers for the frequency and high volume it produces. The small size, so that it can be hidden, but also the high volume of the middle sound area, makes it ideal for installation in the interior of the car (driver's side) causing panic in the thief.

Telemetric OLED

The beautiful and modern remote control is equipped with an OLED screen, which allows you to see all the indications even in direct sunlight. The indications and updates on the OLED-screen are more than the common anachronistic LCD controls, as well as the ergonomics of the moving image sets new standards in the market of security systems.

Remote Start *

The anti-theft system allows the engine to be started remotely or the engine to be started automatically according to different parameters (time, voltage or temperature). The system reliably controls the operating parameters of the engine and the condition of your vehicle. The Turbo Timer and Ignition ON functions allow the Turbo engines to function properly and allow you to leave the alarm armed, without a key inside, while the engine is running normally. The system incorporates an algorithm that allows the engine to be started remotely without having to hide the factory key inside the cab, for most cars.

Hybrid Technology

Installation: The Pandora Light v3 is based on simplicity and easy relocation - all its basic functions are available, after connecting only a few cables. It incorporates CAN-bus technology communication with the car network for modern cars but also has the ability to install in older, analog ones. All its functions can be programmed through its micro-USB port and the use of a laptop.


  • Comfortable for the driver
  • Two-way operation from OLED remote control.
  • Operation by factory remote controls.
  • Automatic closing of all windows / ceilings when activated (if applicable).
  • Built-in high-speed Can-bus up to 1Mbit / sec. 

Specifications CANBUS

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