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Posted by Admin3s 07/04/2021 0 Comment(s)

Pandora Elite is the most modern security system and the new technological leader in the market of car safety systems.

It includes all the anti-theft technologies of Pandora anti-theft, as well as additional personal security in case of emergency (SOS Button), with the possibility of customizing and upgrading its equipment.
Certified by leading organizations E-mark, Thatcham and IATF 16949: 2016
With the most technologically modern central alarm unit
with 3CAN / 2LIN / 4G (LTE) / GPS / GLONASS / Galileo / BeiDou / QZSS / Bluetooth 5.0
with small size and independent placement anywhere
With the new GSM modem that supports 4G / LTE (class1), 3G, 2G (GPRS) communication and two GSM antennas, it offers the largest network coverage!
If there is no 4G network it will continue to work extremely well in 3G or 2G!
With amazing GPS / GLONASS / Galileo / BeiDou / QZSS geolocation system combining 121 satellites from 5 different systems.
With Anti-jammer function of continuous communication with Pandora servers, free and direct SMS & e-mail push-notifications in case of malicious attempt of violation
With constant monitoring of the geographical location and with a map display on your mobile phone and in the online application for free, in real time, so that you know and check the location of the car whenever you want
Support for all known world maps (Open Street Maps, Google Maps, Apple, Yandex), to use the one that suits you best
PandoraEliteImage bullets Maps
With Pin Drive function to lock the engine in case of no password.
With Anti-HiJack function to lock the engine in case of forced removal from the driver's vehicle
With 2 encrypted TAGs for protection Prohibition Disarm, to prevent theft with the method of relaying the factory keyless.
With free APP applications for your smartphone and your smartwatch and with free internet service through pandora-on.com to configure and control the alarm system and your car from your mobile and tablet or your computer .
With 3D digital accelerometer, with 2-band digital sensor for vibration, tilt / lift and movement
With the possibility of safe remote engine start / air conditioning activation to enter your car with the desired temperature, warmth / coolness, for even greater comfort and renewal of dangerous air before driving.
Possibility of multi-level anti-theft upgrade by connecting wireless traps and sensors via Bluetooth e.g.
OBD port lock with PIN code
Locking motor via wireless relay
(up to 4 independent blocks)
With easy on / off system for the workshop
With CE, E-mark, IATF: 16949: 2016 and Thatcham certifications
Installation from a specialized network Pandora Specialist!
It is no coincidence that the best anti-theft system!
The Pandora Elite comes equipped with a new 4G modem and two powerful antennas for absolutely strong signal. The new GSM modem supports 4G / LTE (class1), 3G, 2G (GPRS) and in combination with two extremely powerful antennas, increases the effective network coverage, minimizing the possibility of weak or no GSM signal. All these features guarantee the highest level of anti-theft protection and immediate information of the owner.
With the built-in global geolocation receiver, you can always get information about your car's location and geolocation history.
Pioneering system and unique as it provides geo-location combining 121 satellites from 5 different countries:
32 satellites - GPS USA
24 satellites - GLONASS, Russia
26 satellites - Galileo, Europe
35 satellites - BeiDou (COMPASS), China
4 satellites - QZSS, Japan
covering the position of your vehicle, wherever it is literally all over the earth, with incredible accuracy and constant monitoring of its geo-position.
The only anti-theft system with RF wireless antenna, which communicates with the central unit via Bluetooth, raising the bar of anti-theft protection even higher as it allows the installer to hide the central unit without affecting the range of the remote control.
It is equipped with a powerful antenna and in combination with its placement high on the windshield guarantees maximum transmission and reception of signals with LoRa technology.
In addition it can alert the vehicle owner to various events. For example, if the TAG battery voltage is low so that the wearer knows when to replace it, or if one of the concealed engine lock systems fails, for example after a scheduled service, which could potentially mean malicious intervention with a view to future theft.
Also on the antenna there is an LED sign visible from the outside (windshield) of the vehicle that illuminates the word "Pandora" in red letters, thus warning and preventing a potentially malicious attempt as it will be in vain in a car equipped with a Pandora anti-theft system.
It has a new more ergonomic remote control, with a large and bright OLED screen and a built-in Lithium Polymer (Li-Po) battery. The remote control communicates with the main unit via 128bit encrypted dialog and Bluetooth. It is the most technologically advanced remote control on the market with a powerful LiPo polymer lithium battery that you forget to charge and when needed charging only takes a few minutes.
Another important feature of the new Pandora Elite is Bluetooth 5.0 with NRF52840 (Nordic) chipset. Provides stability in communication with Bluetooth accessories as well as control from a mobile phone without the use of GSM network. In practice, it supports communication with your central alarm unit, more than 150 meters from the car, provided your phone supports Bluetooth 5.0.
In the event of a car accident or immediate danger the driver has the ability to press the SOS button, which is integrated in the antenna and the system will automatically detect it and send notifications to the contacts designated by the owner for this case. All notifications are accompanied by the coordinates of the position of the car and by links in online electronic maps.
The Pandora Elite includes the latest model of Bluetooth wireless siren PS-332BT, with built-in backup battery. Another innovation of Pandora is the ability to customize the siren sounds by creating a personalized audible alarm for immediate recognition in case of violation.

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