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The most advanced protection system for motorcycle and motorcycle. 

The risk of stealing a motorcycle is real and great. See now how you can protect your own, by installing the most advanced protection system.

The Pandora SMART MOTO is an anti-theft split alarm system, which consists of the basic unit which includes, positioning receiver of 58 GPS satellites (31) / GLONASS (27), modern GPRS / GSM-modem, new generation Bluetooth 4.2 interface, Backup emergency backup battery and waterproof low consumption siren PS-330, specially made for installation on motorcycles, ATVs, jet-skis, snowmobile vehicles as well as on inflatable or polyester sea boats.

Why choose Pandora
The Russian company Pandora is one of the leading alarm companies in the world, providing the most advanced digital anti-theft devices on the market. Early on, it assessed Thatcham's contribution to the automotive industry and adapted its systems to the international organization's criteria and recommendations. This results in obtaining the Thatcham Certification you see on your alarm package.

The Pandora Online for Android / Pandora Pro for iPhone application allows the complete management of the system as well as the detection of the camera, in real time, from your mobile phone or from the Pandora page on the internet pandora-on.com. In addition, you can be immediately informed by the alarm for any violation, the control of geographical boundaries (Geofences) where your camera will move as well as the entire history.

What is the difference between Pandora Smart Moto v2

The alarm system of Pandora Smart Moto v2 protects the motorcycle with the Anti-Jammer function, a protection shield that in case of blocking of the GPS or GSM signal with jammer devices, the owner of the machine will be informed through Push-notification messages and E-mail In case of violent grabbing of the engine while it is in operation, the AntiHiJack function is activated and prevents the loss of the motorcycle. The presence of the Bluetooth 4.2 interface allows you to use the additional DMS-100BT wireless sensors to protect the garage or suitcases as well as the BTR-101 wireless relay for ultimate anti-theft protection even if thieves find and dismantle the basic alarm unit .

Protection Zones
With Pandora SMART MOTO you can protect the following independent zones by receiving the corresponding updates on your mobile phone or Pandora web page:
    Lifting / tilting
    Vibration (warnings)
    Vibration (alarm)
    Engine blockage
    Engine crash in an accident
    Ignition ON
    Rider seat
    Critical drop in battery voltage
    Side suitcases
    2-zone volumetric (additional)

Alarm installation 

Installing the alarm is a specialized job and requires professional installation according to the instructions of Pandora to have excellent results of protection of our motorcycle or motorcycle.

The 3-S Sound Security System with its many years of experience and continuous training in security issues, guarantees the excellent and professional installation of the Pandora alarm. The installation and configuration of the product is done by appointment and requires about 4-5 hours of work.

Make an appointment for installation                                               See photos from the installation

On which machines do we place Pandora

The Pandora Smart Moto v2 has the ability to be installed on two-wheeled vehicles of independent displacement such as motorcycles, scooters, ATV, UTV having the ability to adjust the alarm according to the specifications of each vehicle.

Engine Alarm Accessories

Digital Volumetric Sensor VS-22D
With the high-tech VS-22d digital volumetric sensor, very small in size, with very low consumption and longer coverage, you can upgrade the insurance quality of your motorcycle.

Two way Bluetooth remote control with OLED screen D-030
Three control buttons, Bluetooth 4.2 protected interface, built-in battery and USB port.

DMS-100BT wireless sensors
The Pandora DMS-100BT is a new innovation in wireless sensors, both to protect your camera by controlling the garage door and other nearby vehicles. Any change in its status automatically triggers the Pandora alarm, notifying you of a breach. In addition, the Pandora DMS-100BT has a built-in temperature sensor.

Wireless jamming relay BTR-101
With the BTR-101 wireless engine lock relay you can upgrade the protection level of your camera. It has an accelerometer sensor where it is activated even after the central unit is removed, blocking

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