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Posted by Admin3s 12/10/2020 58 Comment(s) Car Security,New Products,

The new generation Pandora Smart Pro v3 incorporates all the modern technologies, necessary for the anti-theft protection of even the most advanced cars, while covering the increased needs and possibilities created by modern mobile telecommunications.

No other anti-theft alarm system provides better protection while remaining 100% safe for the car.

    4G modem
4G connection: With 10 times faster speeds than 3G, high data transfer speed, fastest telemetry, Pandora Smart Pro v3 is the ultimate anti-theft system. Even when the network does not support 4G, it automatically connects to 2G or 3G, extending its coverage even to areas with limited signal.

    Bluetooth 5.0

The only anti-theft system in its category with Bluetooth v5.0 providing a particularly wide range, up to 150m * for stable and continuous control of your system even without a GSM connection, using the application.

In addition, it allows easy, secure without cables, wireless and stable connection to any additional device such as siren, locking relay, tags, special unit for the engine compartment, significantly expanding its functionality.

* the distance is achieved - with Smartphones that have Bluetooth 5.0 and can vary depending on the environment.

    Upgraded GNSS tracking system from 5 different systems combining 121 satellites

Confirming its class-leading position, the Pandora Smart Pro v3 includes a high-sensitivity receiver that communicates with 121 satellites of all systems such as GPS USA / GLONASS Russia / Galileo Europe / BeiDou China / QZSS Japan for you to locate, with even more precisely, your car.

The built-in receiver has very low power consumption, high sensitivity and minimal response time ensuring reliable location of the vehicle even under weak signal conditions such as in urban areas.

Locate your vehicle immediately and receive reliable alerts and event history. Activate the route log function and get access to a detailed report with the kilometers, travel time, average and maximum speed, and the route you have traveled is displayed on the map.

    EGTS - New enhanced Internet service protocol

Pandora Smart Pro v3 supports the new EGTS data transfer protocol (ERA-GLONASS Telematics Standard) which in combination with Pandora's new powerful server farm provides extremely fast data transfer speeds such as messages, video, diagnostic information and more. a.

    New GSM modem: Differential reception with two antennas

The new unique technology of differential reception (Diversity), offers, continuous data transmission, improved terrestrial tracking (LBS) and direct communication with your mobile phone. It consists of 2 independent built-in antennas and a microprocessor that receives the signals of the mobile telephony of the two antennas by constantly selecting the most powerful one. It handles with great success the significant fluctuation of signal quality when the vehicle is moving, offering a significant increase in coverage and stability in communication. Your car will always be online, always under your control.

    Active protection - Anti-jammer

The Anti-theft Smart Pro has an additional protection shield for the absolute safety of your vehicle. When the "Active Protection" function is activated, the anti-theft system is in constant communication with the company's internet servers in order to control the GSM / GPS signals of your car in real time. Thus, even if would-be thieves try to use special equipment to block the GSM or GPS signal, such as jammer devices, by cutting off any car alarm communication, Pandora SERVERS will immediately recognize it and notify the owner via Push-alert messages. and E-mail.
Bluetooth Wireless Siren

Its independent power supply allows its continuous operation even in the case of malicious removal of the central unit of the alarm. It is also important that it is easy to install, as there is no need to run cables from the engine compartment to the cab, minimizing installation time and at the same time providing better concealment of its position. In addition, it allows you to change the sound of the siren, with personalized sound, unique to each vehicle.

    Possibility to install smart remote engine start (optional)
The system has the ability to activate the remote engine start and air conditioning and has non-concealed factory key technology for the most popular car brands such as Mercedes, BMW, Audi, VW, Toyota etc. Complete start planning control depending on the temperature, the trend or a specific day and time of the week, while at the same time you can be informed about the condition of the car. The intelligent system constantly monitors the condition of the engine.

Cortex-M4 processor

A state-of-the-art high-performance Cortex-M4 processor allows the use of state-of-the-art operating algorithms to operate Pandora security systems.